YHFF Small Grants – Summer 2019

Total grant pot: £15000; awarded in sums between £250-£2000
Window for applications: 16th May 2019- 12noon on 21st June 2019
For more information: Contact Grants Officer Becky Brookman on becky@yhff.org.uk

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The Young H&F Small Grants Programme was set up to provide Young H&F Members with funding to support projects that work with young people under our 5 key themes:

1. Healthier Lifestyles
2. Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing
3. Youth Justice
4. Education & Life Skills
5. Employability

Application process:

This year we are trialing a new application process – asking our Members to submit a short film.We want this application to be as quick & simple as possible, whilst supporting our members with ideas for creating engaging videos of their own to promote on social media channels. This will be a pilot process and we will consult Members for feedback once this round of funding has closed.

As part of the application process, we would like a short video (max 2mins) from applicants, so that we can get an idea of your project and vision. We want to see youth involvement in the film and hope it’s a great opportunity to involve your young people in the branding, marketing and fundraising of your organisation.

Your video can be as creative as you like and can feature one or two people telling us about your project idea. You may choose to involve some young people in your video too.

Please include:

o A brief outline of your organisation and your role within it
o What will your project do?
o Who is your project for?
o What will your project achieve?
o What difference will your project make to young people in the borough?
o How will you run your project?
o When and where will you run it?
o A brief breakdown of what you would spend the money on
o How does your project fit in with YHFF’s five key themes (outlined above)
o How will you be sure that your project is inclusive of young people’s diverse needs?

Please note, you will not be accessed on the quality of your video! This is a new process which we are trialling for simplifying grant processes. If you know you will not be able to submit a video, please email becky@yhff.org.uk to make alternative arrangements.

Budget document:

Please submit this budget sheet alongside your video application (see additional information on application guidance). Budget sheets and accompanying information should be emailed to the grants officer at the same time.

Grants panel:

A grants panel of local young people will meet to decide how grants will be awarded. This will take place in July, with decisions being emailed to applicants shortly after. The Grants Officer will inform those who have been awarded funding and may be in touch with you for additional information. Grant will be paid in time for summer holiday delivery.

The criteria on which decisions will be made:

• Does your application answer the questions above?
• Does your project meet one of our five themes (above?)
• Is it clear what you will be doing and how you will do it?
• Is there a clear benefit to young people?
• Have you submitted a clear budget and financial information?

Top tips for creating your video:

Videos must be a maximum of two minutes long.

Please use one camera (e.g. a phone, laptop, or flipcam) to film your face and shoulders speaking to the camera, in the style of a webcam or Skype conversation.

We recommend no more than 3 speakers for the majority of the video, speaking directly into the camera. Please introduce or explain who each speaker is.

For these sections, it is best to film indoors to provide the best quality of sound and check for background noise.

If you want to include footage of the project in action or photos from your organisation that is great, but we won’t be marking the application on production or editing. The content is what’s important!

Quick and simple video editing tools that can de downloaded onto a phone or laptop include

Please upload and share the video with us via a site such as WeTransfer.

Deadline for application – Please submit your application to becky@yhff.org.uk Friday 21st June 2019 @ midday 

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